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09 December, 2014 20:08 bigdaddy b.
Hey bro us peckerwoods down here in Texas would love some stickers to show support.
28 November, 2014 04:25 Peckerwood P.
Comin by to show some love
24 November, 2014 08:47 Andrew H.
Just dropping in to show my support i'm out here in SD right off of Woodside, and have been for 14 year's.
21 November, 2014 02:00 SSNW
To all the supporters if your looking for some support gear you can check out our Facebook page Peckerwoods mc support gear.
17 November, 2014 09:56 Tracy
Looking to make contact with the club.

14 November, 2014 20:03 Turbobill
Hey Peckerwoods and all proud white bikers out there. I'd recommend you check out the temporary Store the Woods have (you can click that up above on the right). I bought some kick ass items and am proud to support the cause, join in! If any of y'all from around the Galveston Bay area or Houston (etc) in general would ever like to meet up and say Howdy, let me know
13 November, 2014 09:20 Peckerwood P.
What up woods looking to hook up with your az chapters let me know who to get ahold of thanks
Paulpendleton85 @
11 November, 2014 00:48 Tracy
I would appreciate if someone from the club would contact me, interested in the club.


08 November, 2014 14:33 Young g.
I'm a wood in az would like to hook up with one of your chapters get to know them let me know how and who thanks
27 October, 2014 08:27 PFFP J.
You can find support gear temporarily on Ebay.. Just search Support Your Local Peckerwoods Dago
06 October, 2014 21:27 Brian D.
I live all the way in Michigan how I can I purchase some support stuff?
04 October, 2014 19:33 Mr. D.
Do Y'all still have a Chapter in Las Vegas?