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14 February, 2015 14:18 PFFP J.
Looking for support gear check us out on eBay!! Search "Support Your Local Peckerwoods"
29 January, 2015 19:31 JRock
Drop me a email would love to see it blow up with Woods here in oklahoma or Kansas.
29 January, 2015 19:28 JRock
Old school here. Need the Woods in Oklahoma or Kansas. Nothing but Black and White here. MLLH&R
27 January, 2015 20:38 Zach
Hey I live in Seattle area.. Any woods around this area?? Hard to find kool people in this city
23 January, 2015 15:19 Peckerwood R.
Love all my Brothers 2 Fresno down 2 Az. hope 2 see a good turnout @ my brothers going away Event tomorrow . thank the rest of the people of commenting and giving their respects.
08 January, 2015 06:06 Turbobill
Hey Texas w. I'm in Texas and would like to say Howdy. I'm around Houston and looking for any bikers nearby but I'd be proud to hear from you no matter where. Please write me at Thanks.
04 January, 2015 09:32 CjTUCSON
Please correct me if I am incorrect . But Lot of these comments are commical ! PECKERWOODS MC is a Rescpectable motorcycle CLUB ! Not a White power Prision Gang. Again I may be totally wrong but emailing asking how to join is probably not the best way to get in hahaha get out there and ride and meet people! Respect to the PECKERWOODS MC
01 January, 2015 18:13 shiloh t.
just been missing th friendship and comaraderie. my ex rode. just been looking at the different mc's here in san diego. sure would like to meet up sometime.
14 December, 2014 18:57 Texas w.
any thoughts of a Texas chapter any time in the future , was stationed in SD an meet a lot of good people in this MC would hope to see the woods in texas
11 December, 2014 04:44 rian..aka c.
What is ur club all about.
10 December, 2014 15:41 Turbobill
Hey Bigdaddy B. Where abouts in Texas are you? I'm down here between Houston and Galveston. They have stickers, shirts, etc. in the store available, I really like the ones I got. Drop me a line at
09 December, 2014 20:08 bigdaddy b.
Hey bro us peckerwoods down here in Texas would love some stickers to show support.