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20 July, 2015 06:25 Superman
What up Woods,got my new bike can't wait to get out there and hang with u. "I'm a Celtic warrior!"
18 July, 2015 11:18 doug
that was off the hook ilove sandiego thanks
17 July, 2015 10:50 Ray T.
just sending love to all my brothers n sisters from Texas hope all is well.
03 July, 2015 02:43 featherwood
just wanted to say hi to all of my brothers and sisters from Arkansas
15 June, 2015 04:58 Willieboy
Looking for a scooter party
13 June, 2015 22:41 Michael H.
I need an application,You guys have any openings? Haha, Serious though what's up with any runs or rides? Parties , whatever.
09 June, 2015 21:30 Russ M.
Thank you Peckerwoods. Couple of you stopped to help me when I was retrieving a part from the center divider that fell off my old softail while on the 52 east last weekend. Didn't really need any assistance but it's good to see friendly helpful people out there! Thank you!
08 June, 2015 19:50 Jim
What up woods, Please let me know when you get Support your Local White boy stickers Got to have one . ML&R
24 May, 2015 20:31 Arley
I want to thank all of you for being a big part of Big Georges Last Ride. To see so many clubs there out of the Love and Respect for a man who was so much to so many of us. it was Awesome...Respectfully Arley..
19 May, 2015 15:23 Barrett
Hello moved out here from Georgia no bike uet but looking to get one and become a prospect have a lot of fundraising and etc with my fraternity and looking at something new to do with my life
16 May, 2015 21:11 PECKERWOOD J.
If your looking for support gear our store is up & running.
01 May, 2015 07:39 shane
Just wanna send my love and support to all my wood bros out there, stay strong and if you're in San Antonio hit me up.