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05 September, 2011 17:07 Slates C.
Hello, peckerwoods mc. My shop will be having a event in oct 22. If you would like to attend please email me with a contact number or call LJ @ 951-443-9122 vendor booths also availible. All proceeds go to American Breast cancer Society thanks LJ
12 August, 2011 16:52 "Magoo"
Just surfed in from a link to see what the other clubs are up to. From New Jersey, sell Biker Bling and into Biker History where ever I find it. Have a nice day guy's !
30 July, 2011 21:47 afeatherwood
Hello guys, how have you all been, hope good tell everyone I said hi! And I still Kicking!!
30 July, 2011 21:47 Big J.
Hey, anyone seen that purty blonde that was at the club, if so give her mine! urrrrg
Big Joe
22 July, 2011 00:10 Loki
I did 5 years Marines, 3 years Prison. Im on parole (9 more months) out of Dago, but got transfered to Yuba county. You guys dont know me yet, but I will be one of your Peckerwood Brother one day. I also dream of a northern cali Peckerwood Chapter. -Loki
19 June, 2011 21:25 Peckerwood N.
Love ypu crazy asses...last night was a killer time! Can't wait to do it again.... I'll be supporting in the High Desert!! Love, Heather Rose
08 June, 2011 13:46 Peckerwood J.
Im still alive and kickin, Hey Phil, email me. PFFP!!!
07 June, 2011 14:58 LordGreyStork
I just read on "The Aging Rebel" the article about the agent who became lost and saw the post from Dago. Thought he might like to know Falon is in the Olmsted County jail, Rochester MN
16 May, 2011 21:09 Shawn c.
Hey randy , awesome weekend here in Santucky! I look forward to your next BBQ. Have a good week man. Stay down wood!
13 May, 2011 12:40 De V.
Sup to all Good Woods. Solid outlaws.
09 May, 2011 14:55 LOKI
Wanted to stop by and say love and respact to all the WOODS out there -LOKI , TX
02 May, 2011 17:50 Tony G.
Wanted to thank all my brothers there families,my kids & grand-kids & family,FUCK IT "EVERYBODY" that surprised me on my birthday......LOVE ALL UR GUTS....Tony G.....PFFP