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12 February, 2014 12:29 Hailey D.
Fun night at the club. Check out our web sight that I talked to you about. It is a work in progress:
Also wrote your boy in prison gotta send some coping love.
Dusty girl, Hailey dancer names.
10 February, 2014 20:39 Ian L.
hey fellas, been gone a couple years, coming home next month..looks like your doing well,see ya soon...SANTEE FOREVER.
17 January, 2014 11:18 HellsBells
HAPPY BIRTHDAY THUGG!!! You are forever missed & loved!!! We love you ALWAYZ
07 January, 2014 01:40 hateboy
what's good woods I just seen one of you woods ridding for the first time can a wood get in I'm in as let me know what's up much love hateboy
02 January, 2014 23:47 Tracy F.
What you got going on in Nevada , interested!!! Been a wood my whole life!!!!
19 December, 2013 09:12 Grizz
I from the IE woodpile lifetime born and raised wood I live in KC mo looking for fellow woods any clue were to roll much love white white !!!!
03 December, 2013 19:03 Scrappy


Nothin but Love and Respect
23 November, 2013 00:15 nathan f.
Much love n respects to all the woods as our time to the holidays closes in lets all be grateful for what we have who ur brothers are n family that sticks around through all the bullshit and remember the ones who cannot be here u guys
22 November, 2013 03:35 RIOT
Sorry put the wrong email brother from central utah chapter email is again if any brothers or sister are in the phoenix area let me know so we can get together respectfully RIOT
17 November, 2013 12:45 Jeff B.
Interesting saw one of your members in AZ last night thinking about coming here?
13 November, 2013 13:02 John F.
Showin love for my fellow woods in Las Vegas. I was interested in membership requirements, I'm down for the cause and I'm looking for like minded brothers.
12 November, 2013 19:51 Mike R.
Thanks for the reprimand at the local watering hole this vets' day. It was an honor. I wish you men well, have a drink over it...?