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01 September, 2014 18:48 EZ m.
Had a great time at the show in Chula Vista on Saturday. Much respect to the peckerwoods there that knew how to have a good time. Looking forward to more good times. Ride safe!
01 September, 2014 00:44 Will
Hi, I'm the motorcylce club president for MCAS Miramar; and most of our members are like minded. We appriciate the charity rides that's y'all do. Would it be possible to coordinate charity ride with y'all for our wounded warriors? Or attend one I your charity rides? We do have down female riders, including my wife. If I don't hear back I'll just check your site for upcoming events. Semper Fi!
SSGT Patnode
31 August, 2014 21:15 Jessica P.
Thanks to the guys at the Offspring, Bad Religion, Pennywise and the Vandals show Saturday for looking out for my son, the littlest punx rocker there. One day; when we're out of the USMC hopefully my husband will be a prospect. Thanks for your chiveraly. It's something most men don't process. God bless and ride on!!!
29 August, 2014 15:13 gauge
From a long line of peckerwoods, wanting to show my love from a old Texas chapter that was run by Devil Turner....
29 August, 2014 12:35 B K.
One day I will be...................................
25 August, 2014 20:23 Mr. D.
Sending love and respect from the road. Lakeside Redneck truck driver living in Vegas now.
23 August, 2014 22:50 Turbobill
Howdy! and respect from Texas. I wish y'all the best, keep it strong.
23 August, 2014 11:29 William P.
Got out in april and heard that you have a chapter here in az...going to come around as soon as I can afford another bike. Much love and respect!
15 August, 2014 11:47 Travis
I would love to see the peckerwoods in my neck of the woods (western Kentucky). We need more white pride around this area!
10 August, 2014 16:40 Cutless
What's up Woods. Met a few of you on a run and just showing love from Denver.
30 April, 2014 12:10 Michael O.
Heil to u folk!
U have a supporter here in AZ!
23 April, 2014 23:18 Evan A.
Hey guys I went to your breast cancer event with my buddy Ronnie I just wanted to say thanks for a great time Tony G and all of you guys, it was fuckin awesome! I can't wait for the next event!